WindowsPager is a can let you have more than one desktop applet,Past always knew of the existence of such tools,The ubuntu system under but is included in the home,The actual use of the chances are very slim。

Recently testing company network problems,需開著多個視窗並不定時監控狀況,Since the screen resolution of 1024 * 768,了 佔滿 窗就 individual vision 沒幾 open,Easily affect other work,They think of this type of virtual desktop tool。

The special WindowsPager use is that you can customize the arrangement of the virtual desktop in your taskbar,For example, I am a resolution is not high,If you use the default 1*4 Matrix display,Work on that column was cut in half space occupied by the。So I will set (windowspager.ini) Changed 3*1 The way,Arranged in a vertical manner so that each virtual desktop,One came 這樣,Whole lot of significant savings in space。

至于 缺点,Sometimes the other virtual desktop when you move the open windows,Will have a problem with the zoom,However, because this action infrequently do,So for me, has little effect。


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