ubuntu  之前的電腦在nvidia的驅動程式上遇到不少問題,沒想到換電腦後,ATI(AMD)的問題也不少,一開始去AMD官網下載最新的有問題,改成用apt-get也有問題,不更新的話,使用LibreOffice Calc有時又很頓,最後是透過Synaptic更新才OK,但在某次系統更新後,There was a problem again。

  進入ubuntu後,只剩下桌面,unity Toolbar is completely gone,有的人按CTRL ALT T可能還能叫出終端機,I will not do。Many articles on the Internet is said to be deleted compiz-related programs or files,My situation is not applicable,最後總算在askubuntu找到解決方法,主要就是unity發生衝突而未啟動,So, we need a way to start it。


  1.登入ubuntu後,Press CTRL + ALT + F1 entry command environment。

  2.安裝compizconfig-settings-manager,If you already have can skip this step。

  3.執行export DISPLAY=:0,這步驟很重要,Let run successfully executed next ccsm。

4. Perform ccsm。

  5.按CTRL ALT F7回到圖形桌面,此時應該可以看到「CompizConfig設定管理員」被執行了,如果沒有做步驟3.,ubuntu會試著在文字模式執行,The result is failed to start。

  6.搜尋unity,Click Ubunut Unity Plugin。

7. Place the left & quot; enable Ubunut Unity Plugin & quot; tick。

  我啟用後,隨即出現登入畫面,登入後還是沒看見unity,再次回到CompizConfig設定管理員去看,unity plugin又被取消,我再勾起後,這次就陸續跳出幾個訊息,告知某些功能發生衝突,需要關閉,全部確認完後,Unity was finally returning to the。



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  1. Ryan Says |

    Thanks a lot!!
    I was finished after the software update,Have not seen the next boot Toolbar,This method is also applicable ~

    Thanks for sharing ~

    Anson Reply |

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