Ubuntu 初 体验

Just yesterday morning,Masaru Ubuntu 7.10 Coming down the computer,Everything went smoothly,Much better than the experience of the past,Even let me directly to the Windows perspective to feel this operating system。The current impression is,要取代windows,Honestly,I think there is still a way to go,But,The end of the road is no longer so far away!

Noon to dinner with friends,Ubuntu 聊聊 扯西 throughout east,Original friends in the play,Little idea exchange,Two people are novice,Understanding of not more,But this package feel quite interesting。

I mainly set some commonly used software in the,Intend to first get the basic environment,Lane side edge exploration。Morning are engaged in input method,Is unable to adjust to the habits,But just replaced by another set after,I feel kinda bad,Was then successfully installed the music player,The whole sense of accomplishment out,Oh What a Feeling,Ha!

ubuntu will still need some instructions,I would have used some instructions recorded (By the way,ubuntu 内建 的 笔记 功能 还挺 便利 的 呢!),In addition to the Notepad,Net magazine 份在 錄 one we described likely return,In addition to the double backup function of,May also be able to help other users,Serve several,Why not,However, because the property than the partial Notepad notes,Therefore will be thrown into the island of Java that board to,Afraid to throw this blog will be a little mixed plate。

Linux 了 contact touches the Fourth 是 應該 這次,The front two are playing with toys,Third of Debian touched two days later in the text mode,Finally succeeded in entering the x-window,怎麼 required use Tomomichi 而不 卻反 result,Into the x-window target has been reached,Large power reduction during incarceration,After completion 續玩 沒繼 來就,Hope this can be successful by ubuntu led me into the world Linux。


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