SGE2010 48-port 更新韌體

Cisco  在更新完SF300-48後,一併也把另一台L3 Switch—「SGE2010 48-port」給更新了,希望能解決要不定期清除ARP Cache,Otherwise occasional disconnection problems will occur。


  • SGE2010原韌體版本為2.0.1.75,最新版本為3.0.2.0,這回直上沒有問題,No problems were encountered to update the relay version or updated version of Boot。


  • 在「System > Admin > File Management > Firmware Upgrade "page to enter the TFTP-related parameters。


  • 上傳完畢,在「Active Image」選擇「Image 2」,You can see the new look of the interface after reboot。



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