[Notes] Manually update BookStack for Windows

   BookStack officially provided Update method It's done by one line of Git,But because I only know a little about Git,Therefore, the more troublesome manual update method is still used,The following is a step note。


◎ to GitHub Download Release Version。

◎ Change the name of the original BookStack directory of apache/htdocs,And unzip the compressed file just downloaded here。

◎ Change the original BookStack directory .htaccess Copy files to a new directory。

◎ Use WinMerge to compare new ones .env.example With the old .env difference,Save as after updating content .env

◎ cmd execution,Switch to htdocs/bookstack (New bookstack directory),Composer install execution –no-dev。(Please make sure that allow_url_fopen of php.ini is On)

composer install --no-dev
# 此指令是讓 composer 透過 bookstack 目錄裡的 composer.json,
# 安裝或更新所需的 php 相關元件。

# 如果有跳出 php 不是內部或外部指令的錯誤訊息,
# 可以檢查 Windows 環境變數的 path 路徑,
# php 目錄的路徑是不是有改變。

# 如果有跳出 Failed to download 訊息,
# 可以檢查 php 的 allow_url_fopen 是不是沒打開。


◎ Execute php artisan migrate。

php artisan migrate
# 此指令為透過 Laravel 的 DB Migration 建構資料庫內容。


◎ Clear php cache。

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan view:clear


◎ Complete!



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