Use PicPick has for many years,Commonly used is the screenshot with drawing a line of the function,Has always been with version 1.x,There is no updated version。Later, noticed an older version of "Rounded Rectangle" feature,Depicts the style will be color differences,So update to a new version。

Version used for some time,Program out of the version update message,Officer removed form below net 試圖,But the trend of anti-virus software to determine the link,So it shelved the first。Just did not expect a few months later,Equation under seal 惡意 斷有 ku 仍舊 續的 new edition after,So change the rise of the idea of ​​looking for alternatives。

Greenshot is an open source screen capture solution,For me,I need screenshots and post-production capabilities are sufficient,Usually can also be used as a simple photo-editing tools,Has been replaced the PicPick become my main screenshot tool,Recommend to you。


  • Greenshot – a free and open source screenshot tool for productivity

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