【Freeware】CyStudio & Picasa

Younger sister with a little nephew back home in a couple of days ago,I helped him shoot a lot of photos。Just spent some time doing post processing,The art collage functional originally wanted to play the Picasa,But tried several ways are not satisfied。Pictures less than three would be too monotonous,More than four but can not choose furnishings style,Zhang 擋住 see another piece under normal Yes 致常 guide,In addition there is a problem is unable to select the output resolution,Yes only six hundred 畫素 a multi-perspective analysis time deposits set,Cause I want to print on A4,A large operation 做放 required return,Some distortion on the entire map。Later abandoned Picasa,改 試 CyStudio。


CyStudio gadget Cyworld this community website provides。Though small,Perfectly formed,Basically contains commonly used image processing functions,And very intuitive,以搞 constant behavior 就可 a 簡單 several pieces,But I only use the function rimmed before this。After the trial of his collages function,I feel more easy to use than Picasa,Freedom than Picasa,Can be chosen template,Picture rotation changes,Join 氣泡 對話 框 formula than allowed return,But also selected output resolution。Just pick up a map to do,I feel pretty good,Do not be afraid there will be no need to stop to the situation Photo。


Come talk 說回,Picasa is not entirely desirable。Now we often put the photo on the PO blog or website,For lower resolution requirements,In not consider the resolution,Picasa photos into preset column on the way to a vivid than many CyStudio。If the next version of Picasa can increase the degree of freedom in terms of setting,It would be perfect!


CyStudio 官 網:http://tw.cyworld.com/cystudio/index.php
CyStudio 下載:http://tw.cyworld.com/events/3/redirect.php?eventid=1383

Picasa's official website:http://picasa.google.com.tw/intl/zh-TW/index.html
Picasa download:http://dl.google.com/picasa/picasaweb-current-setup.exe

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