DRAGNOTT – CPU cooling program

Written ahead,DRAGNOTT is a Althon XP、Duron exclusive cooling program,For other series CPU may not be supported!

  早在Windows 98時代,I have the habit of using the CPU cooling program,As long as the cooling software open,CPU temperature down at least 10 degrees,The effect should not be underestimated。As for the principle of cooling,Is roughly when the system is idle,A decrease in CPU instruction execution,Reduce the load,In order to achieve cooling demands。Note that here,The so-called system is idle,Not have to be "completely idle",See users think,Yes 就是 electric 腦開 Author 做事 在 "We,Although people are not in front of the computer,Will open a music to listen to,So this kind of thing for me, do not use! ,溫軟 體後 enforcement falls,You can see the cooling program in the Program Manager to occupy the vast majority of CPU resources,A rough analogy to illustrate,When you're in the Internet、When listening to music,May have accounted for the CPU 10% Resources,At this cool program can still use the remaining 90% of the resources cooling work。Of course, here, "the use of CPU resources to cool down" with the argument would be very strange,But I just want to express the cooling software for the current CPU usage to determine the cooling rate,Rather than a program to occupy the CPU resources,Cooling program will be completely ineffective。

  由於Windows 98沒有像XP內建System Idle Process的系統資源管理的程式,Therefore the cooling software will be important,Many software available in the market can also be seen with the nature of。This situation gradually changed after entering XP generations,Slowly reduce cooling tools,Currently only a handful of continued development and maintenance,As CpuIdle。I have tested,System under XP 在 確實,Cooling program was not what they once awe-inspiring,So then I also did not re-use the cooling-related tools。


Cardiovascular 來潮 Tsuyoshi Tsuyoshi,Related to Internet search,發 stop opening ceremony 已經 支降 several 溫程 a 當年,But this idea is found to introduce DRAGNOTT this small program。Then tested in several cool software,CpuIdle addition to good effect,Also relatively stable,So this is also a CpuIdle Extreme 7.5 download a trial version for comparison。The following is a test record:

◆ testing process,I also engaged in the Internet usually will do、Listen to music, action!

EVEREST Home Edition 2.20(最終免費版)

[Measure] between 試時
Changes between record run the program after 10 minutes to half an hour

[溫度 溫程 formula before falling enforcement]
system:62~63℃,An average of 62.5 ℃
CPU:55~56℃,An average of 55.5 ℃
(了 Inmo system for high-CPU ratio 溫度 debate 就不 這邊)

[After CpuIdle executive]
system:57~58℃,An average of 57.5 ℃
CPU:51~52℃,An average of 51.5 ℃

[After DRAGNOTT executive]
system:57~58℃,An average of 57.5 ℃
CPU:51~52℃,An average of 51.5 ℃

DRAGNOTT 的 降温 能力 与 CpuIdle 几乎 相同,About the temperature is reduced to 4 ~ 5 ℃,來說 heaven summer thermal 於炎 這對,No small!


The CPU part of the support,DRAGNOTT 如 我 开头 所述,Only support AMD's Althon XP and Duron;But to also pay CpuIdle support to AMD's K7 and Intel P4 series of,I guess probably after the product vendors have switched to develop its own energy-saving technology,Such as AMD's Cool'n'Quiet。


DRAGNOTT 除了 降温 外,Yes 其他 a reducing ability of small success,Including modifying the core name、Adjustment multiplier、Memory settings, etc.,But I have followed the instructions octave modifications,CPU-Z observations did not see the change,But this is not my request,So I have no reason to study。


DRAGNOTT there a special place,After the enforcement equation,You can not see his presence! No window、No resident,Even work management principle members are no traces of it,If you do not see the temperature drops,Run the program in the end really do not know yet。As to modify settings,只需 编辑 目录 里 的 PrcNmCfg.ini 档,Inside there are simple instructions,If you need detailed instructions,Can refer to the same directory Guide.pdf,Basically unzipped,Does not require any set can be directly executed Dragnott.exe。If you want to boot then automatically executed,Create Shortcut thrown directory "on" in the can。

This program is part of the anti-virus software to detect that contains malware
目前 并 无法 得知 是否 因 程式 隐匿 的 特性 导致 误判
More people own line under hydrostatic loading 請要

VirusTotal 扫描 报告



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    A nail 從官 當初 是 這份 our network
    I'm not sure it is really malware or misjudgment
    26/41 sweep out
    不過像NOD32掃出來是寫probably a variant of Win32/Agent
    So still uncertainty is not a miscarriage of justice
    I think do not know is not only because of the hidden features of this program led to such a determination
    I will be included in the relevant message attached
    Let everyone decide for themselves whether to download

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    I am also using the Barton.,Oh ~

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    我 没 用过 您 说 的 Core Temp
    I do not know oh

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    I'm afraid not!
    程式有註明只適用AMD的Althon XP以及Duron

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    Not neat cause we 當機
    Your CPU K7 series?
    至于 执行 后 没 反应
    Mentioned end,You may only be learned from temperature changes to whether the program is successful execution or

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    Article already attached link Oh!
    The end of the point of the article [Related Links] paperclip can download

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    I've put a copy up,~ 吧 preparative 請自
    Point that paperclip it wants

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    Ah embarrassed to try again / /
    Toru minute Xie Xie>Mouth<

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    I am sorry…Loading point alive 0 0 /?
    The paperclip points did not respond na…

  12. CF17 Says |

    Your DRAGNOTT (Paperclip)
    Files were found to have the virus it ==?
    Really no problem mo?
    I use avast sweep

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    The original passion barton drop several degrees after
    Thank you ~

  14. Xiaoliao Says |

    Does this program with Core Temp CPU temperature monitoring software
    Used in conjunction with this?

  15. Xiaoliao Says |

    是 我 的 Intel cpu(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180@2.00GHz
    Yes 嗎 equation 這個 以用 CPU 這個?

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    Moderator Hello ~
    I set a good ~
    Point much like Kui Lu head icon to
    After the crash to from the boot to
    Click again to that figure to no reaction
    What is it?

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    Thank you so much,Xie Xie!!!

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