Nov 20


Point of sale
Luodong Farmers' Association
– Luo Dong Extra Strong Low Sugar Taiwan Green Seed Black Soy Milk (Small glass bottle)
– Luo Dong 2 times thick low sugar Taiwan soy milk    (Small glass bottle)
– Peasant associations
– Major online shopping platforms
Zhongdu Agriculture
Production cooperatives
– Zhongdu Soy Milk          (Small glass bottle)
– Daddy Fresh Beans          (Small glass bottle)
– Soy milk            (Small glass bottle)
Urban smallholder
– Edamame            (Small glass bottle)
Urban smallholder FB ← Seems to be discontinued。
Taiwan Haonong
– Domestic production and sales history soy milk-soy    (FSC certified aluminum foil package)
 ↑ Yimei foundry。
– Domestic production and sales history Soy milk-black beans    (FSC certified aluminum foil package)
 ↑ Yimei foundry。
– Good agricultural production and marketing resume thick soy milk-soy   (Small plastic bottle)
– Good agricultural production and marketing resume thick soy milk-black beans   (Small plastic bottle)
Taiwan Haonong (Aluminum foil package)
Taiwan Haonong (Small plastic bottle)
– Yimei Store (Aluminum foil package) ← But the branch near my house did not sell。
Big Shot Agricultural Products
Transportation and Marketing Cooperative
– Sunny soy milk         (Aluminum foil package)
 ↑ Guangquan foundry。
– (Tai Nong)Taiwan Golden Pearl Soy Milk Soybean Milk  (Large plastic soft bag)
– Associated Press
– Xinpu Market
Tai Nong
– Taiwanese Soybean Milk with Micro Sugar     (Large plastic soft bag)
 ↑ It should be the same as Xinpu。
– Some online shopping platforms
Chong Defa
– Chongdefa soy milk         (Small plastic bottle)
– RT-Mart
Sakae Town
– Sakae-cho Atsushi soy milk(Small plastic bottle)
– Family ← I bought it at the beginning,It didn't seem to be easy to buy later。
Dou Gu Noya
– Dou Gu Nongjia Black Soy Milk        (Small plastic bottle)
 ↑ delicious。
– Some online shopping platforms
Tea month
– Chayue black soybean milk         (Large plastic bottle)
 ↑ Only black soy milk is local,Soy milk is not。
– Some online shopping platforms
He Naichuan
– Pure concentrated soybean milk         (Large plastic bottle)
– Pure thick black soybean milk         (Large plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Taiwan Nine
– Taiwan No. 9 Soy Milk        (Large plastic bottle)
Taiwan Housewives Alliance
– Black soybean milk           (Large plastic bottle)
 ↑ Mingji Tofu OEM
Actually Bean Factory
– Taiwan soy milk         (Large plastic bottle)
Mu Zhendou
– Mu Zhen Dou Fresh Soy Milk-Soy    (Large plastic bottle)
– Mu Zhen Dou Fresh Soy Milk-Black Bean    (Large plastic bottle)
– Jiyuan Black Soy Milk         (Small plastic bottle)
Green Whole Foods
– Black bean soy milk           (Small plastic bottle)
 ↑ Soybean is not
– In the ground, it is changed to thick black soy milk      (Small plastic bottle)
– Zhengkang black soy milk         (Small plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Xingang Township Farmers' Association
– Hei Niang Ma Black Soy Milk        (Large plastic bottle)
Fengrong Farmers' Association
– Slow City Soy Milk          (Small plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Samurai go farm
– Wu Go Nong Soy Milk         (Small plastic bottle)
 ↑ Fengrong Farmers Association OEM
– Some online shopping platforms
Seedling Goods
– Organic rosemary soy milk       (Small plastic bottle)
Chuanlong Tofu
– Soy milk
– Chuanlong Tofu Storefront
Xincun Small Business
– Taiwanese Soybean Milk       (Large plastic bottle)
248Agronomy team
– Taiwan soy milk         (Large plastic bottle)
Beautiful woman
– Hoomijin Black Soy Milk         (Large plastic bottle)
– Freshly ground Taiwan fresh soy milk       (Large plastic bottle)
Mino District Farmers' Association
– Mino's black soybean milk(Large plastic bottle)
Manzhou Township Farmers' Association
– Organic black soybean milk         (Small plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Holy grace(Sanwa)
– Sanhe nourishes soy milk        (Small plastic bottle)
Nov 20

【Ting Nong Yi】
Choose carefully,Kindly send!

– Small scale,But it feels very hard to manage。
– Promote safe and friendly food,Let the land rest and rest。
– Significantly compress its own gross profit,Employees even voluntarily cut their salaries。
– Pay attention to plastic reduction,Recyclable plastic bag、Anti-collision foam、Transparent fruit PP box、Egg carton、Yogurt glass bottle。
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Nov 20

[Taiwan Good Farmers]
Organic fruits and vegetables,Taiwan fruit,Great Lakes Strawberry,Fresh fishing,CAS certified meat,Candied dates,Mango

– Mainly in Taiwan,Many items。
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Nov 20

【Non-toxic farmers】
Safe fruit in a friendly environment

– Three goals,Friendly environment、Friendly farmers and friendly consumption。
– Products are packaged in environmentally friendly materials。
– Photos will be taken when each order is packed。
– "Waiting for the baby's peace of mind fruit plan",Fruits can be purchased for distribution to the nursery school every week。
– "Porridge Baby" Non-staple Food Page。
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Nov 20

[Buy directly from the farmer]
Stand with the farmer,Protect your health! Guard the land!

– Social Enterprise。
– Cooperation with producers of friendly land,And will visit on site。
– Paying attention to labor rights and avoiding disguised price increases,No free shipping threshold。
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Nov 20

【Youhuo Countryside】
Organic fruits and vegetables、Organic Vegetable Delivery、Safety and non-toxic inspection、Smallholder Sales Platform

– Cooperation with friendly producers,And insist on not using herbicides。
– Rich variety of seafood,Including Penghu、Southern Australia and farmed seafood。
– There is a frozen store for the whole family。
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Nov 19

[Youxin Meat Shop]
A conscience shop that only sells conscience goods | Production and sales resume meat、Aquatic products、Egg specialty store

– Only sell Taiwanese products。
– The operator is a veterinarian,Personally check,And attach great importance to production and sales history。
– Buy one get one free every Wednesday。
– Log in every day to get one yuan worth of points,There is also a collection of points with the walking money exchange app。
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Nov 19

【Welfare Market】
trust,Can not be replaced。happy,Start with cooking

– Only sell Taiwanese products (Exception for olive oil in cooperation with Israel)。
– Cooperate with environmentally friendly producers and visit the production area in person。
– Use locomotive express,Same day delivery。

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Sep 3

— Last update date:2020/11/30

【Round Group】

  • SORE-Small rope hand-knitted wheel。Strong rigidity。I changed the road bike later,Feels great。
  • KAISH-Brand transformation from foundry,Good reputation due to CP value in recent years。Huagu has cooperated with domestic Qiao Shen。
  • Motoo-new brand,Feature is silent and frictionless。The hub core is made of Japanese material。For HASA riders。
  • Hawkvi-For HASA riders。Dizo is also useful。
  • ALEXRIMS-The set I changed on my mountain bike later。The media evaluates the domestic light。
  • NOVATEC – HASA R2 2018 Matched wheels,Feel bad。Full-time hub。
  • Uncle Sam – Hand Knitted Wheel

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Dec 11

Recently toilet paper related to the search for environmentally friendly products in environmentally friendly products check website,After filtering out the brand in general made easier path,Pu British public decided to use this brand to try。
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