Jun 11

   My wife has a habit of virtue,I am not using mouthwash,I used to think that after he rinsed his mouth,,The potion smells very strong,Later, I saw a Growmood mouthwash,Emphasize that the raw materials are all extracted from plants,After discussing with my wife,I decided to buy some and try it out。

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Jun 7

[Taiwan Good Fishing]
A new choice for healthy living


– Continue to find and promote the land-friendliness、Natural ecological breeding without burden on people,Mainly sell health、Non-toxic fishery products。
– Global B company selection,Won the "Best to the World-Community Award"。
– A business model that cares about the community and a friendly environment,Obtained international BCorp certification,Become one of the best companies in the world。
– There is a complete description of the ecological farming method on the packaging。
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Jun 4

【grazing / organic】

Brand / Farm and pasture Type unit price website Other
Net Rain Organic Farm ◎ Grazing
◎ Organic
◎ The hen grows old
25 Yuan Facebook
Dried shrimp
◎ Raise a small amount。
Sweetheart Organic Ranch ◎ Grazing
◎ Organic
31 Yuan Facebook
◎ Friendly environment。
Seedling eggs ◎ Grazing
◎ Organic
28~34 yuan Official website
Organic Rare Eggs
Yazhi Organic Farm
◎ Grazing
◎ Organic
30Yuan Official website ◎ Available in cotton fields。

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Nov 20


Point of sale
Luodong Farmers' Association
– Luo Dong Extra Strong Low Sugar Taiwan Green Seed Black Soy Milk (Small glass bottle)
– Luo Dong 2 times thick low sugar Taiwan soy milk    (Small glass bottle)
– Peasant associations
– Major online shopping platforms
Zhongdu Agriculture
Production cooperatives
– Zhongdu Soy Milk          (Small glass bottle)
– Daddy Fresh Beans          (Small glass bottle)
– Soy milk            (Small glass bottle)
Urban smallholder
– Edamame            (Small glass bottle)
Urban smallholder FB ← Seems to be discontinued。
Taiwan Haonong
– Domestic production and sales history soy milk-soy    (FSC certified aluminum foil package)
 ↑ Yimei foundry。
– Domestic production and sales history Soy milk-black beans    (FSC certified aluminum foil package)
 ↑ Yimei foundry。
– Good agricultural production and marketing resume thick soy milk-soy   (Small plastic bottle)
– Good agricultural production and marketing resume thick soy milk-black beans   (Small plastic bottle)
Taiwan Haonong (Aluminum foil package)
Taiwan Haonong (Small plastic bottle)
– Yimei Store (Aluminum foil package) ← But the branch near my house did not sell。
Big Shot Agricultural Products
Transportation and Marketing Cooperative
– Sunny soy milk         (Aluminum foil package)
 ↑ Guangquan foundry。
– (Tai Nong)Taiwan Golden Pearl Soy Milk Soybean Milk  (Large plastic soft bag)
– Associated Press
– Xinpu Market
Tai Nong
– Taiwanese Soybean Milk with Micro Sugar     (Large plastic soft bag)
 ↑ It should be the same as Xinpu。
– Some online shopping platforms
Chong Defa
– Chongdefa soy milk         (Small plastic bottle)
– RT-Mart
Sakae Town
– Sakae-cho Atsushi soy milk(Small plastic bottle)
– Family ← I bought it at the beginning,It didn't seem to be easy to buy later。
Dou Gu Noya
– Dou Gu Nongjia Black Soy Milk        (Small plastic bottle)
 ↑ delicious。
– Some online shopping platforms
Tea month
– Chayue black soybean milk         (Large plastic bottle)
 ↑ Only black soy milk is local,Soy milk is not。
– Some online shopping platforms
He Naichuan
– Pure concentrated soybean milk         (Large plastic bottle)
– Pure thick black soybean milk         (Large plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Taiwan Nine
– Taiwan No. 9 Soy Milk        (Large plastic bottle)
Taiwan Housewives Alliance
– Black soybean milk           (Large plastic bottle)
 ↑ Mingji Tofu OEM
Actually Bean Factory
– Taiwan soy milk         (Large plastic bottle)
Mu Zhendou
– Mu Zhen Dou Fresh Soy Milk-Soy    (Large plastic bottle)
– Mu Zhen Dou Fresh Soy Milk-Black Bean    (Large plastic bottle)
– Jiyuan Black Soy Milk         (Small plastic bottle)
Green Whole Foods
– Black bean soy milk           (Small plastic bottle)
 ↑ Soybean is not
– In the ground, it is changed to thick black soy milk      (Small plastic bottle)
– Zhengkang black soy milk         (Small plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Xingang Township Farmers' Association
– Hei Niang Ma Black Soy Milk        (Large plastic bottle)
Fengrong Farmers' Association
– Slow City Soy Milk          (Small plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Samurai go farm
– Wu Go Nong Soy Milk         (Small plastic bottle)
 ↑ Fengrong Farmers Association OEM
– Some online shopping platforms
Seedling Goods
– Organic rosemary soy milk       (Small plastic bottle)
Chuanlong Tofu
– Soy milk
– Chuanlong Tofu Storefront
Xincun Small Business
– Taiwanese Soybean Milk       (Large plastic bottle)
248Agronomy team
– Taiwan soy milk         (Large plastic bottle)
Beautiful woman
– Hoomijin Black Soy Milk         (Large plastic bottle)
– Freshly ground Taiwan fresh soy milk       (Large plastic bottle)
Mino District Farmers' Association
– Mino's black soybean milk(Large plastic bottle)
Manzhou Township Farmers' Association
– Organic black soybean milk         (Small plastic bottle)
– Some online shopping platforms
Holy grace(Sanwa)
– Sanhe nourishes soy milk        (Small plastic bottle)
Nov 20

【Ting Nong Yi】
Choose carefully,Kindly send!

– Small scale,But it feels very hard to manage。
– Promote safe and friendly food,Let the land rest and rest。
– Significantly compress its own gross profit,Employees even voluntarily cut their salaries。
– Pay attention to plastic reduction,Recyclable plastic bag、Anti-collision foam、Transparent fruit PP box、Egg carton、Yogurt glass bottle。
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Nov 20

[Taiwan Good Farmers]
Organic fruits and vegetables,Taiwan fruit,Great Lakes Strawberry,Fresh fishing,CAS certified meat,Candied dates,Mango

– Mainly in Taiwan,Many items。
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Nov 20

【Non-toxic farmers】
Safe fruit in a friendly environment

– Three goals,Friendly environment、Friendly farmers and friendly consumption。
– Products are packaged in environmentally friendly materials。
– Photos will be taken when each order is packed。
– "Waiting for the baby's peace of mind fruit plan",Fruits can be purchased for distribution to the nursery school every week。
– "Porridge Baby" Non-staple Food Page。
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Nov 20

[Buy directly from the farmer]
Stand with the farmer,Protect your health! Guard the land!

– Social Enterprise。
– Cooperation with producers of friendly land,And will visit on site。
– Paying attention to labor rights and avoiding disguised price increases,No free shipping threshold。
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Nov 20

【Youhuo Countryside】
Organic fruits and vegetables、Organic Vegetable Delivery、Safety and non-toxic inspection、Smallholder Sales Platform

– Cooperation with friendly producers,And insist on not using herbicides。
– Rich variety of seafood,Including Penghu、Southern Australia and farmed seafood。
– There is a frozen store for the whole family。
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Nov 19

[Youxin Meat Shop]
A conscience shop that only sells conscience goods | Production and sales resume meat、Aquatic products、Egg specialty store

– Only sell Taiwanese products。
– The operator is a veterinarian,Personally check,And attach great importance to production and sales history。
– Buy one get one free every Wednesday。
– Log in every day to get one yuan worth of points,There is also a collection of points with the walking money exchange app。
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