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This is the second revision of the,Also spent more than a day's time,However, the magnitude of this great revision,Just as changing the background color and just like last time。The entire layout architecture have done modifiers,By two-to three-column-column,Many also enlarge the font。

In the process of amending,Learned a lot of things,Originally provided with the sky "little helper" to modify the,When testing a layout,Has been a problem,What did not change even a mistake,Later found out is set to address the problem of picture,The default is to use relative paths (/folder/img.jpg),Rather than an absolute path (,After storage,The system will not find a picture。In the modification process,Did not always feel that there seems to be some set in a small helper in,Well done simply go directly to change CSS,After groping for a while,In fact, much the same feeling with html,It is easy to get started,Of course, the degree of freedom than many of Assistant High,And so it began to modify the CSS code,You do not understand the great God will turn to Google。

In the process of matching the,Also like a last time and made me a head two big,I really have no talent what! Later in thejoaoko’s blogSaw an offer blog templates websiteFresheezy,Provide a lot of boilerplate module inside,They refer to a variety of color styles,After several test match,Always feel only way is to use the background color seem monotonous,They try to create a gradient map,I did not expect the results were good miles! Now Title background on both sides of the sidebar is my finest creations map,Ha!

Originally almost on a whim yesterday morning the,When looking for a friend identified,Only to find that IE and Firefox browsers are slightly different circumstances,To that little problem,It took time to study the half-day,But still can not find the perfect solution,Finally, a compromise can only be used to replace,This is more fly in the ointment。

Revision of the score on the back is 85 points,This time I will give 90 points!

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