Apply for and automatically renew Let’s Encrypt credentials on Windows Apache through WIN-ACME

I have previously written a "Apply for Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate on Windows」,This article is mainly through “Get HTTPS for free!” The website applies for or extends the certificate manually。When a new website was launched recently,Try to apply with WIN-ACME tool,to make it easier to use its automatic extension later (renewal) Features。


◎ First to WIN-ACME GitHub Download the latest tools,Here is as an example。

◎ After downloading and unzipping,Execute wacs.exe as "system administrator"。

◎ Next,Mainly for the official WIN-ACME Example of an apache environmentSetting。


◎ Input “m”,Manually set each parameter。


◎ Input “m” or press Enter (Default m),Manually set each parameter。


◎ Enter the URL where you want to apply for a certificate,such as。


◎ Enter a recognizable alias for this domain name,or press Enter to use the default。


◎ Input “1”,Provide the native website directory path for domain name verification。


◎ Enter the root directory path of the local website,as C:\WebApache24htdocsabc。


◎ Input “yes”,Allow program to copy web.config to website directory for verification。


◎ Input “2” or press Enter (preset 2),Generate private key with RSA。


◎ Input “2”,to generate a PEM credential file for apache。


◎ Enter the directory path where you want to store the credential file,as C:\WebSSL。


◎ Input “2”,Add a password to the private key,or enter “1” not encrypted。


◎ If not, generate a second certificate,Import “5” or press Enter (preset 5) Carry on。


◎ If there are no special needs,Import “3” or press Enter (preset 3) Carry on。


◎ After verification,A new schedule to check for document updates will be added to the Job Scheduler,If you do not need to perform this work in a specific capacity,Import “no” Carry on。


◎ here,Complete the certificate application。


◎ Then you can confirm the certificate just generated in the certificate directory。

Note. *-crt.pem + *-chain-only.pem = *-chain.pem


◎ In the "Work Scheduler", you can see that a new WIN-ACME project has been added。


◎ Open httpd-ahssl.conf of apache (or httpd-ssl.conf or httpd.conf,look at your environment),Add a set of SSL VirtualHost。

<VirtualHost *:443>
  SSLEngine on
  SSLCertificateFile "C:\Web\SSL\"
  SSLCertificateKeyFile "C:\Web\SSL\"
  DocumentRoot "${SRVROOT}/htdocs/abc"


◎ If 80 port's VirtualHost is not closed,but want to 80 Automatically go to 443,Available at 80 port's VirtualHost increased “Redirect” parameter。

<VirtualHost *>
 DocumentRoot C:\Web\Apache24\htdocs\abc
 Redirect /

Note. should be followed by a slash,This will convert leads to,Otherwise it will become。



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