2013.6.21 Fertility cavalry line - Mt ‧ Wuling(A)

After coming back from the island two years ago,Began to have "Wuling,Is it possible? "The idea
As in previous years but still,It always felt distant goal,First on the heart

The first half of last year,After the positive feeling around the island back、Enthusiastic attitude has been exhausted
Life gradually at a low ebb,Hence the rise of the idea to set up a goal
Was like,If you want the second half of the island,Season with preparation time are not suitable
It seems to have to wait for the following year。

Last year, students will,Fertilizer silk road race event brought Taroko,Distance 21K
Up to that time only twice ran 5K,Dare promise
Silk said only with fat,9Month to answer you
Came back,Was thinking,This seems to be used as a target for this year
There are three months time,Maybe have a chance
Every week to road race began training

Think in this process,If next year to challenge the Wuling
If successful that by the end of 21K words,The challenge for the success rate of Wuling,Will improve a lot (think ~)
Therefore it is more actively involved in training (yes,I road race is to Wuling! )

This year,After discussion with the fat silk,Decided 6/22 this auspicious day will fatten group banner plug Wuling
The summit of the Taiwan highway,The human heart is the rider with the highest halls of the roundabout route tied


I did not expect this tour to borrow the car so big Taiwan
So simply put all the bikes have come

This day fat silk arrangements we spent a relaxing trip Fallen
First came the Acer Bio farm

The main features here is a bunch of bees…
In addition there are some flowers honey drink quite punctual,Took a bottle home

Park is not,But some content is also good

Then came I heard a very famous 18 ℃
But because the price is not Fei,So the consumer is not in this

After Akira finished,To go foraging

This restaurant quite distinctive,Unfortunately, not enough dishes,Ha

After satiate,Chingjing it will go up the mountain
A lonely place to live within

Silk live with fertilizer House floor,Design is also good

Environment within the very gifted lonely,Regardless of indoor and outdoor are like

When arrived,Would also have shade,Later the evening clouds began to retreat
Landscape a whole praise na!

So very leisurely enjoy a good period of time

Nodding down at night near the National Hotel,There is a carton design theme
Consequently do carton

Outside there is freedom of birds live concert
The first site to listen to this kind of music,Feels great,Good to relax the whole person
Smile rarely heard music,Later, he brought home three CD ~


This is the first day of the trip,Totally nothing to do with cycling! Ha ha ha
A whole super-relaxed、Super relax - this journey is also a lot of extra points
Really good thanks to the help of fat silk
Let cool intact satiate the road!

To be continued,Please continue to browse second…

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