2009.07.04 The fertility cavalry line - A soft Yang ‧ Palace

For several weeks and no one in the cavalry line
Noriyuki many people arrive at our six 數又 參與 people 這回
However miles,6One there are three late…Ffff
Rain complete comfort under such feedback arrives,Fortunately, the rain did down under

Makoto 來說 對阿 Hiroyuki line soft Ali 這次,Really the first time up the hill
Honestly,It is quite hard,But uphold the spirit of Ah Cheng is Iron Man
Cemented stem 啦 required 當然,Or iron Ah Cheng called false!…You say chanting

Mountains chatter

The seaweed a long time did not ride,Chain rust
Originally from the bag to find lubricants,找到 only result…Pak Fah Yeow

陡坡 see one surprise

Originally later accompany seaweed,After running 來先,Catch up with Ah Cheng

GBS has a first break point,On many fierce!

The Ah Cheng subsequent keep up

At this time, the monkey suddenly appeared!

The accompany seaweed pull the car also appeared Liao fertilizer

Gigs,Take a breath

Re-start,Mountain scenery can be seen in a corner

Other people stopped to enjoy the scenery

Continue on the road after,Monkey said he felt tired Mile Pingxi than Arou Ocean
Pingxi can not ride a Z-shaped..

Coming days Nangong,GBS first to arrive

In the days Nangong,跟 laver far beyond accepted a return 廖肥 Minmin

Others arrived

The weather cleared,Landscape nice

Got it.

Back a group photo

Heat 了 start

Liao fat like this angle..

Below stores

Mountain scenery

YA ~

Days Nangong

Nangu heaven dehiscence,One last 坡 這是

The crowd began to show Z word Dafa..

到頂囉~picture time

The nori said he did not want to move,Oh

A group photo

60Degree downhill

Mountainside stores,GBS with the monkeys could not help but get that first drink to quench their thirst,After downhill Hello

When going downhill,I told GBS who intercepted a caterpillar..
Slope too steep,Although've seen,Flash is too late..

Makoto Abe later 說 來聽,In Riverside, he lay for a moment before continuing to ride
But his home after,Legs will not acid,Will not be sleepy
Before going to rest until more than ten p.m.
Look ~ Iron Man Ah Cheng really is not covered

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  1. Fat-boy Says |

    Dry ~ ~ my day went to help my friend move ~ ~ machine breaking ~ ~ convex!!

  2. Patrol police Says |

    Again playing Mang ~ ~
    Ha ha
    The super super Outstanding handsome Bo Lishi

  3. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Back will not be reported,We needed 找你 leave feedback…Ffff

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

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