New Year's Eve

Today is the New Year's Eve,A reunion,But this year there is no holiday atmosphere at home。Edie as in previous years,Went to work at noon,Midnight will come back,Therefore, leaving her three。

Niang was busy cooking day,I is in the finishing room,Liza busy while watching TV、Phone、listen to music…..;After dinner,Niang to organize the kitchen,I think about the possibility of night gambling (the atmosphere is really bad),And Liza ran into the room through the phone yelling at her boyfriend…..;After a period of time,Niang wash bowl,I get very bored at night conclusions,Liza screaming, "whatever you want it!" After,Kake斷 phone…..。Then Niang told me,When he showered,The two of us to play cards right! In fact, I do not know Niang likes to play,Unless Edie at home,He was just afraid I was looking bored I play。

Two people…..To play better than the size

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    >>Two people…..To play better than the size
    This sentence is really really wonderful

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