Arrives at an extraordinary ear wheat 找不,Headphones can pass!

Quoted from:PC uSER密技偷偷報

Now almost all instant messaging software (such as MSN、Skype、Yahoo), etc.,Support voice chat,A gate coupled heat 遊戲 很多,Also allows you to fight with friends,The way to guide the tactical or in touch with friends,However, if your favorite headset broken,Or you simply do not have a microphone,Badly need to use the voice-enabled, then,就尷 尬了 accepted climate 這時,But you know what?


1.The structure of the headphone and microphone are thin-film layer is used to vibration,Since the structure similar to the,We can of course the headset "Conversely with,The linker inserted into the computer's microphone jack。

※ The so-called "microphone connector" generally refers to the sound card or motherboard built-in audio connector on pink。

2.Yoshiyuki juncture after,Not used for any special set,Directly can start using Hello,聊天 friend when 跟朋 當你,Just a front of the headset of any one of the ear speech Hello!

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  1. starsheep Says |

    If it is true!?
    This is really too strong, the XD

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I am quite surprised,But I do not have to verify it!

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