Road network described Sorajo

Recent days to get up at six in the morning,Morning, in addition to a journal outside,Everywhere on the Internet to see articles and information。Often in the search data,Derived another theme doubt,Therefore, when access to complete themes or information,Has in the past few hours。In the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in a row,Several morning, I do not know want to do something,The feeling on the network netizens 8 Chengdu disappeared,於不 reason people return small 鄉的 緣故 這是 當然,Author 閒晃 several people standing on the street network Ryoryo Yes only remembered feeling 這讓 people,And I,One of them is that。

IM list,Few Online,Para newspaper article but also an interval of a few hours before a new topic,-Mail newsletter feeling several holiday go,Sent several letters to the mail will have probably have to wait until tomorrow to respond to the future。Yesterday find HEMiDEMi with funP some popular themes view,Slightly to pass some time,And today? ,The same article,What should I do? Looking at the screen staring ...。Most holidays are morning people choose to nest in the quilt,Or go out to stroll tap,I was the only such heavy computer users (A house!?) Would choose playing with a little mouse with a long tail。

Change!?I have in the trial,But I still need some time to think。Man is a social animal life,Although the network I have a richer experience than a lot of people and experience,But after all, I can not rely on these gadgets to dinner,This is a very realistic。

Electric 腦,What a love-hate relationship stuff ah ...

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  1. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    跑步…Building is in need of psychological drop!:)

  2. starsheep Says |

    不然我就跟你分手 QQ
    一起約跑步失敗的人 留

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