Camera Lecture - "aperture"

Quoted from:3Cbank密技百樂門 Electronic information

Many professional photographers are quite accurate for just the right degree of photography or photography,An essential piece of the virtual phase out self 以拍 nurses accepted a 專業 攝影 這些,How do you say? ,E.g:A clearly visible landscapes and a cute kitten photos,Are in the same photo,Expressive pieces required subject 這些 see one way nurses 就知 Inmo for?

The clarity of the photos can strengthen the topics to be presented,Whenever saw photos must first interpret the image most clear and obvious part,至于 模糊不清 或是 不明显 的 部分 则 忽视 不 看,This is why we see a video you can immediately identify which part is the theme、Which part is a supporting role,變及 以改 use pressurized aircraft structural phase Honmi 是 乎就 use outside non-using finesse nurses office 攝影 這些,Let's work can be taken out of the audience at a glance。

Photos should be clear,Not only better camera pixels,Light intensity throughout the feedback required consideration,Right! ,The literal point of view,Clearly know that the so-called aperture to control the light into the camera inside a flow control turns,Why do we need aperture? ,A one piece standing phase 體度 Zhang stressed 就是 a 簡單 來說,The photos will be a plane image,How to use the aperture to do skills like a professional photographer?

Aperture is a set of blades can be scaled,Its location is in that part of the lens,It is like the pupil of the human eye can still zoom。The larger the aperture,Called a large aperture,Its light source數小 clerk(ex:f3.5),Conversely the small aperture light source coefficient(ex:f22)。The camera never played novices would think that a large aperture and more light into the,Shine out photos must clear,In fact, just good opposite,The pictures taken in the same environment,The large aperture shooting photos blurred more than photos using a small aperture,Inmo 呢 這是 for?

Assuming the same in the same environment photography,The use of a large aperture,Because large openings、When irradiating the object,Certain large amount of light go,But received order not to let the camera image is overexposed,So the shutter time becomes short,And because the speed of light refraction,So only from the sight of the lens can be according to the very clear,Elsewhere will be too late to complete the spread of the camera lens becomes fuzzy,We call it shallow depth of view;Talking about this,We will know,The shooting style is to highlight the photo part of the theme as a basis for,On the contrary,Small aperture because the light into the less,Shutter time becomes longer,Refraction of light of an object can have sufficient time to the camera,Shooting out clear and beautiful photos,Called deep depth of field。
Because of the mix of aperture and shutter,Allow photos presented many changes,If the above description is still not understood,Can be credited to be larger aperture、Small coefficient、Shutter short、Shallow depth of view(Clear prospects、Background blur) Or a small aperture、Large coefficient、Slow shutter、Deep depth of field(A clear picture of) ,Shallow deep King technique is suitable according portraits or a specific object,Deep depth of field of the skills you can play shooting the big screen or landscape shots,With shutter and aperture adjustments,畫面 dynamics 攝 a neat beat than allowed return,Or let the photos presenting dynamic dynamic!

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