Play the game with a ghost detector

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Play the game with a ghost detector

This year is BingXu. Year of the Dog,This is a very special year! Because we will experience in BingXu Dog Valentine's Day four (two plus two Chinese Valentine's Day Valentine's Day)。

There are so many in why BingXu Dog Valentine's Day? ,But because it is "a leap in July," the。what! Run July? That is not representative of this year's ghost month for two months it? Yes! You really expert! "Good brothers" who feel particularly good this year,Because they are waiting for a full 38 years,Finally heading for a 60-day holiday、You can play some good earth! (Note A

On July 23, before the ghost door opened two weeks,my good friend:Zakka Zhang personally gave me a fun occasional small gift - Ghost Detector。In fact, I heard the light product name,I'll just enjoy it to the local word:"Hu rotten!"。But when I know that by the Johnny's artist endorsement of the product has been in the red for several years in Japan,And is currently not yet actually was revealed (this is the key!)。So I took the mentality of give it a try,Decided to take to play this "ghost detector"。

"Ghost detector" as the name suggests is to detect surrounding their existence in the end there is no ghost。If you are around something fishy,Author 黃燈 燈或 Red 閃爍 就會 據說 這個 equipment,If there are no spirits around you、Only a group of people living,It will only be a token of my flashing green light! If your surroundings appear patron saint、Buddha or such higher spirits,Ghost detector will light blue or violet light。

However, when I excitedly ghost detector worn on the body,My mind suddenly drifted across a question:"Dark ~ I eat too busy? I want to know why all around me in the end there is no ghost ah?"。Above this question I instantly had a retreat,Now the ghost detector wanted unknowingly transferred to a friend。But I think that Zakka Zhang paid in good faith in the face,So I again the courage to probe the ghost back into his pocket。

Come past several decades,I once knew a few unfortunate owner of "yin and yang eyes" friends,由於他們在某些時候可以看到某些事物,So they often lead to grief。Same reason,If the ghost detector can detect your side really have not a ghost? Really - it is a function of people feel the pain。

I own case,Most readers know that the chances of Yan Hua "strange things happen" far more than 8 times more than normal。So speculation Yan Hua is "yin and yang eye" of a few true friends。But I must be honest:Although I like to think of 'dark yin and yang "hanging in the mouth,But I'm really not yin and yang eye! ,I only see two ghostly experience it。

Hell Hutchison Part-1 incidence of age is too old (1975),So we keep a later date。As hell is credited Part-2 occurred in mid-October 2004,The location is a Taipei Maokong tea houses。I had just finished experiencing a tragedy,Depression to the extreme!

幽 靈時 not timid throughout nursing 當我,I also deliberately pinched her lips together、So do like calm。But someone sitting next to me、They just have friends E brother "yin and yang eyes," pat me on the shoulder、Softly said to me:"You just have to see it! Ah ~ you recently have not been very good mood! Usually" negative energy "too high, people will not care to see ‧‧‧‧!"

With this incredible experience,So I was more aware of the importance of "positive energy" of。Although I know keep "positive energy" of the people will not necessarily Yongbaoankang、That rich,But I am convinced that the "negative energy" too high, people would definitely bad luck again and again,Or even see things that should not see。

Although in the past two years,I occasionally will be "negative energy" to wound,But I have been asking myself:"When I appeared in front of others,I absolutely can not put other people had a positive atmosphere to harden。Because the focus is stupid ~ "atmosphere" (see the one thousand and one Yeah column Episode 378)! "

The thought of the word "atmosphere",I began my hands "ghost detector" new inspiration!

If we assume that the "negative energy" appears ghost are attracted、The emergence of the patron saint are attracted by "positive energy"。So can we infer:"When the ghost detector flashing red light,In fact, do not necessarily reflect our ghost appears around,But representatives around the "atmosphere" poor、Full of negative energy it? "

On the contrary,If the ghost detector blue lights flash from,Will represent our currently located in a very peaceful environment、The atmosphere is very good,Everywhere is full of positive energy?

We continue extensometer,We often hear people say in earnest:"In fact, people still frightening than a ghost!",People are often heard to say words with gratitude:"Everywhere is Buddha、An angel! "。Take this into two sentences,Seems to me the "ghost detector" should be treated as "atmosphere detectors",It seems that is the real king! If it can help me ferret out "nuisance"、Or measure the "living Buddha",That really merit successful!

於是 question mark,I took out my ghost detector test。During the experiment just,We open 了 no 會議 數場,But the mood of the participants are still OK,Flat 也平 氣氛 會議,So when I press the specter detector round keys,Flashing only the representatives of "all right - all right -" green light。

The detector first time flashing blue lights appeared on behalf of the patron saint of,7/18 night,I was midnight before work,But his face that says, "a good storm good storm ~ ~ really good storm!" The wife was still sitting in the living room waiting for me to come back。When she smiled and asked me:"how are you doing today?",Then the blue light starts flashing!

7/19,I appear in the video scene of a Call-in program,Originally I think these all day the tragedy、So that the whole atmosphere of Taiwan Oprah who are poor should make my ghost detector red lights flashing。結果不然,It does not matter green light from the flash。So I decided:"Just talking heads who fight daily routine,But they are not actually so angry。」

7/20,Meet with friends Amy, I drink coffee,Wang asked straightway:"You wish with me for the most recent news?"。I Xiangyebuxiang Huileyiju:"If you are talking Chao Chien-ming,Nothing could interest me Hello! "。But Wang was showing a rare compassionate face says:"No! I want you to talk to North Korea might be outbreaks of famine ‧‧‧‧。」。Just before we have not cut into the topic Pyongyang,I quickly took out the ghost detector trequinsin,Ah ~ really flashing blue light。

Wang finished with coffee、After talking North Korea,I went to visit a client。The first few weeks,I spent a lot of time with her proposal,But she has been reluctant to tell me clearly the progress of the current proposals。She politely told me: "We are still on top of your case review,If news,Will inform you immediately! ,But in her busy kind words Solitaire while,My ghost detector has a bad way of bright yellow。

Yellow light in the end is what does it mean? I also do not really know between the moment! I was staring at the smiling、Politely、But also the same as cheerleader、Be a hundred percent full of positive energy to praise me。Implying her mouthful of nonsense,Just being in to Guiche this?

Worth mentioning to,I really should not be too serious for a toy! Bright yellow so what's amazing? Even the red light、Red Card,In fact, I do not mind it! "Regardless of yellow、red light,Can receive the case is a good light!

But when I walked out of the company shortly,Met a senior members of the publishing industry,he told me:"I'm doing the company's case,And has been more than two weeks! "But coincidentally:His case is now doing exactly what I proposed on the case。I have just seen smiling for someone really is Ghost Talk!

7/21Around noon,My ghost detector finally for the first time a red light。Obviously the hot midday more than five degrees Celsius,How to encounter the unclean things do?

Oh ~,I forgot to tell you,Yan Hua is located where? ,I went to a television station in Neihu visit friends Liu,在 錄影 positive one shelf behind a table view 樓攝 electric 當時,Personnel work surface dew-ku 愁容 first place per-shelf 內外 Tadami,I do not have to think what Detector、What they do not have a specific function,Anyone can experience an extremely hostile atmosphere。

Just when I want to squeeze in a studio efforts deepest,Want shouted:"Stupid - who focuses on climate"。I suddenly saw a hospital bed、A woman lying on the bed。The woman named Xu Chunmei。

Note A:Last time leap appeared in July 1968,Next time leap is July 2033。Just look at these two figures,We will know a leap in July and there is no fixed cycle at all。

(This article is a collection of one thousand and one-Yeah section 379)

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