There will support the determination

Quoted from:Mind Newsletter Section 192 - [there] will support the determination

■ Lv Lian (Institute of Psychology, National Taiwan University, Master's) why some people can be very decisive in distress? Why do people hesitate?
How can we resolve,Toward his goal of it?
First,Ask yourself what you want in the end,A clear understanding of your goals,
Attitude natural 會果 cut off,More determined to pursue their dreams。

There will support the determination

ask:My kids gentle personality,But he is weak-minded,Everything seemed hesitant,Not easily determined,處處 以父 mother chief nurses specific story for opinion,How do I let him learn under their own judgment?

answer:Disobedient children,Let the parents worry about;Sometimes obedient children vexing,Everything should consult the views of parents and elders dare action,Seem not assertive、Not independent enough,But let a little worried parents。Modern families usually because the number of small children,So will a child holding on palm,Also relatively easy to develop a child's personality-dependent,Everything should dare to ask their parents to take action,As parents,On the one hand very obedient child will be very pleased,But on the other hand also want their children to independent point、Failing to decisively,For his dream,Can be determined to reach。

In fact,Children failing easy hesitant,Surface 臨選 擇時 not 夠果 cut off,What is likely to stem from his own in the end do not know want,Not to mention what is his life's dream,Such children plus character is also more susceptible to outside influence,About his judgment,Over time dependent by their parents to develop decision,Become weak-minded。

當人 們面 對抉 擇,At this need is resolute attitude,Can be very bright to make a choice,And hesitant attitude is very different。And when people are determined,Behind this is a strong will to support,Then produce a lot of power to accomplish an objective,Even though I do not know the result is success or failure,Still very relaxed and advance towards the ideal。

Like Japan, Dogen for Seeking,Toita Chinese,Shihai boat encountered a storm,But still determined to take Buddhism,Because if they die they are too late;To China,Seeking the process of twists and turns,Finally not change its mind,Finally create a different situation,Cao become Japan Kaishanzushi。

Parents can try to guide children,Accompany the child has something to do analysis,Let the children have a different understanding of the consequences of choice,,If the child is very aware of the consequences,Would respect his choice,Cultivate a resolute attitude;Then encourage the child to find their loved ones,Under constant decision after,Natural 會產 raw action force,One day the dream will come true。

Excerpt from article "Life Magazine - Part 277"

Choose what you love;Love your choice

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