玩部落格一段時間後,總是會開始在意人氣,先不論多寡,Popularity is one of the factors affecting the final written power of。And I am no exception,最近開始在意起人氣的數字變化,即便是個位數字的變動,也會讓我感覺心情愉悅,因此便慢慢有了提昇部落格人氣的想法,Then thinking about how to do it。

  搜尋引擎的部份,Google真的沒話說,每篇文章都能找的到,就連最新的文章也僅需兩天的時間便能被搜尋到,Search king's really well-deserved;By comparison,Yahoo will obviously be a lot less。So far,Yahoo只能搜尋到我的首頁以及幾個個人資料的頁面,文章部份是一篇也搜尋不著,我不清楚是不是Yam天空有擋還是怎樣,但是我試過搜尋Yam天空熱門部落格的文章,Indeed able to find。Microsoft Live.com search results are roughly the same as with Yahoo。

  在台灣,使用者在一般情形下,還是使用Yahoo搜尋居多,Only when you need to find further information will instead use Google Search。So I think,如果能讓Yahoo搜尋到我的文章,Just this part will be able to bring a lot of popularity! They decided to start from here。After reading the instructions Yahoo and Yam tribes sky,仍不見讓Yahoo搜尋到我文章的方法,Then put into the brains movable media resources。

  我的想法是,如果在能被Yahoo搜尋到的網站上有我文章的相關資訊,Will be able to achieve the indirect search results。First thought is to log on to the bookmarking site articles,但又覺得這方式很不好,因為一般的書籤站應該是要拿來搜藏自己覺得有價值的資訊,如果每篇都加進書籤,那麼自己變成了一個惡劣的廣告商,因此我也只敢在我覺得是「有料」的文章才加入書籤,但是這樣做又會產生一些問題——「怎樣算有料?」如此不僅增加自己的困擾,對於宣傳效果也打了折扣,After immediately thought of using the network function。

  利用聯播,只要有新文章,便能出現在聯播器上,這個方法雖然對於能被搜尋到的效果能然有限,但最重要的是不會造成別人的困擾,就在此時我找到了Palacan!啪啦罐頭。Two days after the login information of my Blog,收到了站長TomSun的回信,信中告知目前登錄的Blog過多,暫時不新增Blog,就在心中感到失望之際,文中又指出,站方覺得我的Blog文章還可以見人,因此建議我可以加入啪啦報報,並提到若是加入啪啦報報,「對於提昇Blog的人氣會比利用聯播的效果好」,這句話真是一針見血啊!這不就是我要的嗎?但是為什麼?為什麼一個共筆部落格可以達到宣傳效果?一開始我以為只是透過啪啦報報這個媒介,讓「該站的閱讀者」可以有機會點進自己的Blog,但如果這是這樣的話,那感覺就好像只是到一個論壇去宣傳自己的Blog一樣,And the effect is limited。"If only so,TomSun應該不會說得這麼信誓旦旦才是!」這是我的想法,So I decided to go check it out。

  註冊成啪啦報報的會員後,便開始瀏覽站務文章及其他寫手的主題,漸漸的了解啪啦報報的宗旨與訴求,Finally understand why Para newspaper reported to enhance the popularity helpful。Become a member,啪啦報報有開放讓會員設定自己的簽名檔,用意就是讓會員可以在這個小版塊替自己的Blog打廣告,由於啪啦報報對於搜尋引擎有做過最佳化,文章能較為容易被搜尋到,而在搜尋結果中,各會員簽名檔的部落格資訊也就理所當然的一併包含,This blog will be able to increase the members of impressions。I think this idea is quite interesting,很有互助的感覺,啪啦報報自許為一網路原生媒體,靠得就是大夥兒共筆的力量,透過此一方式不僅能提昇寫手們的撰寫動力,More symbiotic sharing of ideas。

Deep thinking,I think the taste of Para newspaper reported quite Forum。Saying that year did not lag behind personal page,Forum mushroomed,The necessary condition for the survival of the forum is to have a "popular",To be able to seize the hearts of members,The most important thing is to rely on the characteristics of its forum,Therefore, after the erection of a boom Forum,一些較為沒有特色的論壇便開始一一關閉,Technical forum and various fields begin large-scale integrated forum has left the bulk。Although popping spicy taste newspaper reported to have forum,但事實上啪啦報報卻是更勝論壇的的一種架構,Because it is 'open' in。In recent years,在很多地方我們都可以看到一個現象,封閉性的架構終將遭由開放性的架構所挑戰(不能說擊敗,封閉式還是有其存在的必要),而且慢慢的可以看見由封閉走向開放的一種趨勢,The newspaper had reported the smell Para。

  扯太遠了,除了啪啦報報,Also I noticed another marketing model - "reference"。The year when the prevailing forum,我曾同時遊走多個論壇,Served over board、Done problem solver、Also played the role of sharers,更曾是個普通會員,歷盡論壇興衰,看盡人(會員)間百態,論壇裡很普遍的一個現象,絕大多數人只求享受,而不願付出,The simplest example is a palindrome this action。Issued by posting an article,背後所花費的時間可能會是難以估算的,The vast majority of people do not willing to spend a few minutes or even tens of seconds to respond to this article;ironnically,通常會員們只有在出問題時才會不厭其煩的回覆了一篇特長的抱怨文,這對發文者而言,情何以堪?但這就是人的習性,沒什麼好責怪或抱怨的,It is interesting to,我在部落格圈子裡看到的,似乎跟過去的情形大為相異,Everybody seems to be very diligent in using the reference function。

  早先我並不完全了解設置引用的用意,我了解這是一種禮貌,但我總以為實際使用頻率會很低,Only one reason - "lazy"。However, the reality and I do not want to have,直到前一陣子我才了解原因,After all, because "advertising effectiveness"。Referenced text includes the link of this article is cited,One form an indirect advertising for their blog manner。I can not say all of them are designed to advertise and use the reference function,Such a pole knocked over people on the boat for those who say there is etiquette、People do not abide by the rules of fair,A phenomenon I just want to express that this is indeed the existence and benefits。

  了解了幾種行銷方式後,In fact, still have to return to fundamentals - "Blog Content"。A variety of marketing tools are in their own goods are carried out under the premise of a certain quality,沒有這個前提,The resulting end-all benefits are short-lived。Want to really enhance the popularity of blogs,不能僅只是滿於流動人氣,必須要有長遠的眼光,要製造自己的「忠實觀眾」!這邊又可以牽扯到另一個議題——「部落格的黏著性」,Or is the adhesion of the article。Viscosity or content of the article written enough, then practices,會讓閱讀者有股意猶未盡的感覺,此時若能在文章底部補上個「延伸閱讀」,相信大多數的看官會毫不猶豫的點進去,在看了幾篇文章後,便有可能將你的部落格加入書籤抑或是使用訂閱等服務,So far they had their own loyal audience。On a long-term point of view,累積自己的觀眾是絕對有其必要性,The intention is to develop their own customers。

  啦哩啦渣的打了那麼多,到頭來還是回到原點,Because there is only one best way - "every intention to write an article."。Articles do not have to genteel or multi-learned content,隨性撰寫亦無不可,But not just any casual。After all, is a public blog platform,Unless the blog is set to be closed,Only he can see,Otherwise it would be responsible for their own blogs,Contains all the content of the article writing and Maintenance。As long as the true intentions to run your own blog,Even let the reader be able to completely feel their ideas,So the arrival of the crowd,It is only a matter of time。


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