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Yesterday with Diddy、Niang handed down two phones,Thorough 脫離 use many years basis Chunghwa Telecom,Instead invest in the Asia-Pacific's arms。

Daddy phone bill rates rising,Niang month are read to smelly head,And Niang costs have slowly become more,So last year, the Internet phone application,Niang making phone costs dropped sharply from more than five hundred a month more than one hundred,And because the first line of three Seednet Wagaly Talk enjoy scheme,Network capable of reaching the airtime charges,We have 550 yuan a month the amount you can play for free,So VoIP actual expenses paid from last year to now add up to about it only took about two hundred,Not to a province。But the move did not make the father benefited,Because he played on the outside,Less than VoIP,So one thousand phone or month break,Niang repeatedly asked me to investigate other rate plans Chunghwa Telecom,See if I can save a little,After several investigations,Think the difference is simply nothing,So yesterday decided to look for other industry players look,Before listening to the Asia-Pacific rates because there are pretty good with seniors,So we start from the Asia-Pacific。We forecast,換成 亞太 after,Daddy monthly fee should be down to 1,000 or less, no problem,Even nine hundred below,Nearly half of the province,Suddenly felt deeply with people who really taken advantage of Chunghwa Telecom ~

Asia currently run about two shortcomings,One is to go through the door carrying case number,Need to wait two weeks,So I'll just live a bid for a new home Gate;The other is the phone's camera too little,Because Asia is a CDMA system,Unlike our usual GSM,Require dedicated phone models,The manufacturers have done quite a few,Mostly second-tier firms。Due to less machine,So a new machine robbed,It is puzzling that some machine actually discontinued,Really faint,Oh also engage in limited edition…

Maybe the younger sister in a while will change,He is also very high frequency,As I,And other veterans say chant ~

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