The accuracy of the sky tribal counter

Popularity has always been sky tribal to observe visitor traffic with Google Analytics,Traffic long ago noted that both the record clear gap,The beginning thought it was not Google Analytics where misjudgment,But bring up the details view,Osamu 錄 a visitor a Minoru Minoru 每筆 Yes 確確,So do not know what the problem。

Every few days after,Sky tribal official blog,See a counter notice of August last year,Which refers to:

 「…Looking at single article,Only post a single article popularity will increase,Popularity and not increase the popularity (today visited his blog,You already in his blog on)。」

To do a few simple tests,Plants mentioned publication 如 確實 result,But this will give rise to a problem,Into articles through search engine users how to do? ,Post subject through subscription Hit,The same will not be counted into the head,In other words, as long as the users did not point into the "Home",He would not be enumerated by the counter,This setting seems too irrational way。

View Blog general way more than eighty percent or more of the traffic comes from the subject of click-through (including search engine、Recommended topics and subscriptions, etc.),So setting mode will differ widely from the actual flow rate。Take my word this little church is well served,天空計數器跟Google Analytics的每日訪客,Sent nearly doubled。

Anti Keio sky toward heaven Yes 發了 mail sealed before several,But so far has not received a response。The current practice is to install another set of counter services provided by Site States,Should remove the counter of the sky,In addition to the accuracy problem,Sometimes when reading the counter will be stuck,Causing Blog open slow,After 關掉 況且 之,You can view or through local "popularity" of。

已移除Site States,Considered 請參 " – Accurate counter the popularity

Sky has to fix this problem

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