Friendly environment shopping platform-non-toxic farmers

【Non-toxic farmers】
Safe fruit in a friendly environment

– Three goals,Friendly environment、Friendly farmers and friendly consumption。
– Products are packaged in environmentally friendly materials。
– Photos will be taken when each order is packed。
– "Waiting for the baby's peace of mind fruit plan",Fruits can be purchased for distribution to the nursery school every week。
– "Porridge Baby" Non-staple Food Page。

– full 999(Fresh butcher shop)/1,500(Fast delivery) free shipping。
– Scheduled to arrive today。Some areas in Shuangbei arrive at 6H on the same day。

Focus on products (the reason):
– Yongfa Bawang puts pheasant    (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap)
– Noon fish        (Ecological farming、good to eat、Few bones、Affordable fish species)
– House fish thornless goldeneye perch steak (Ecological farming、Thornless、Affordable fish species)
– Liangmu beef brisket cut into pieces     (Taiwanese beef、Production and sales history、Relatively cheap)
– Zhen soybean milk(Taiwanese Soybeans/Black Beans)
– Sea vegetables         (Penghu Seafood)
– Fruit vinegar         (Help digestion)
– Inca fruit oil       (Taiwan native inca fruit)
– Xiangyu soil egg      (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap)
– Chashan Good Food Bamboo Mushroom / Bamboo Mushroom /  (Easy to save)
– White sesame oil
– Scallion powder
– Congee baby non-staple food
– Three-color sweet potato strips

Recommended products (the reason):
– White Ribbon Fish Roll                  (Hand fishing、good to eat、Relatively cheap)
– Yongfa Bawang put pheasant half chicken cut into pieces/skinless breast meat/bone leg cut into pieces (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap)
– Sheep line with bone lamb                (Domestic lamb、Relatively cheap)
– Native natural farming peanut oil            (Taiwanese oil products、Glass)
– Sulfur-free golden needle flower                 (No pesticides)
– Pearl onion powder                  (Easy to save)


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