Friendly environment shopping platform-Tingnongyi

【Ting Nong Yi】
Choose carefully,Kindly send!

– Small scale,But it feels very hard to manage。
– Promote safe and friendly food,Let the land rest and rest。
– Significantly compress its own gross profit,Employees even voluntarily cut their salaries。
– Pay attention to plastic reduction,Recyclable plastic bag、Anti-collision foam、Transparent fruit PP box、Egg carton、Yogurt glass bottle。

– Shuangbei 600~1,200 free shipping,the remaining 2,000 Free transportation。
– Most of the products are placed in the current week,Ship every Wednesday。

Focus on products (the reason):
– Powder mung bean (Taiwanese Mung Beans)
– Lvying Fresh Milk (Pay attention to dairy cow activity)
– Nogaizaki chicken products (Grazing chicken)
– Ingenious black bean shade oil (Taiwanese black beans)
– General Black Bean Yin Oil/Ointment(Taiwanese black beans)
– Xinshe Mushroom (Reasonable price)
– Shihlin no pesticide vacuum bag shelled green bamboo shoots (Easy to save)
– Lotus root powder (Healthier than sweet potato powder and cornstarch)
– Dried black fungus (Easy to save)

Recommended products (the reason):
– Grazing eggs (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap)
– White ribbon fish pierced meat rolls (South Australia Seafood、Hand fishing、good to eat)
– Wild Saki Chicken Breast (Grazing chicken、Convenient dishes)
– Wild Saki Chicken Drumsticks (Grazing chicken、Convenient dishes)


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