Friendly Environment Shopping Platform-Taiwan Haonong

[Taiwan Good Farmers]
Organic fruits and vegetables,Taiwan fruit,Great Lakes Strawberry,Fresh fishing,CAS certified meat,Candied dates,Mango

– Mainly in Taiwan,Many items。

– Frozen full 2,000 free shipping,Non-frozen 1,500。
– There is in the double northern area 99 Delivered on the same day

Focus on products (the reason):
– Golden Pomfret steak       (Penghu Farming)
– Pink mung bean        (Taiwanese Mung Beans)
– Osmanthus bamboo shoots        (Vacuum bag)
– Black Fungus (Easy to save)
– Yumu cattle cattle sirloin    (Taiwanese beef、Production and sales history)
– Yumu beef sirloin      (Taiwanese beef、Production and sales history、Relatively cheap)
– beef noodles (Taiwanese beef)
– Haonong plant milk yogurt   (Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Good agricultural production and marketing resume thick soy milk (Taiwanese Soybeans/Black Beans)
– Taiwan good sauce black bean soy sauce  (Taiwanese black beans)
– Pingtung grazing red shell eggs  (Grazing chicken)
– Yaxiang chicken grazing soil eggs  (Grazing chicken)
– Lotus root powder        (Healthier than sweet potato powder and cornstarch)
– Luo Dong Health Preserved Eggs
– Peeled chili
– shabby clothes
– Black sesame oil
– Bonito flower
– Sesame Oil Ginger
– Golden needle

Recommended products (the reason):
– White Ribbon Fish Rolls      (good to eat、Relatively cheap)
– Free pheasant series       (Grazing chicken)
– Pick up two-month mutton chunks with skin tender shoulders (Domestic lamb、Production and sales history、Solar roof)
– Domestic production and sales history Soy milk   (Taiwanese Soybeans/Black Beans、FSC certified aluminum foil package) ← Yimei foundry
– Coriander powder        (Easy to save)
– Xiyuan white soy sauce      (Taiwanese Soybeans)


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