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[Taiwan Good Fishing]
A new choice for healthy living


– Continue to find and promote the land-friendliness、Natural ecological breeding without burden on people,Mainly sell health、Non-toxic fishery products。
– Global B company selection,Won the "Best to the World-Community Award"。
– A business model that cares about the community and a friendly environment,Obtained international BCorp certification,Become one of the best companies in the world。
– There is a complete description of the ecological farming method on the packaging。

– full 1,300 free shipping。
– Can be picked up at a supermarket frozen store。

Focus on products (the reason):
– Healthy Eco Shrimp  (Shelling)
– Seven Star Perch Fillet (Go thorn,Taste pop)

Recommended products (the reason):
– Raw Food Grade Taiwan Snapper Fillet (Good to eat)
– Go to stab milkfish belly   (good to eat)
– Premium fish dumplings      (good to eat)


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