What is your greatest regret is that?

I think we should think about this quite a,Do not regret it in the future until the same thing

Belgian magazine,Told the country over the age of 60 to do a survey,

  Entitled:What is your greatest regret is ?

And lists a dozen easy to regret the things in life,For respondents chose。result……

First:75% People regret - a young man hard enough,As well as the cause of nowhere。

There is a 40-year-old man was suffering from a terminal illness doctors told,Up to three years to live.。So he to
To make their lives more meaningful final,Draw up a "ten things to do for three years' work plan。

These include writing a book、Learn a foreign language、Engage in an invention、Identified a factory、Tour 30 mountains、
See 50 cities, etc.,And plans to put into action immediately after。

In the past two years and eight months time,10Marked the completion of all projects。When he then referral hospital,
But found that physicians take the wrong medical records,He did not sick。

This is also an experience,If someone you work work,You can also rest resting others,
You also entertaining others Entertainment,So what others,You can only get what。

To get others to get things,You have to pay what others do not want to pay。
Especially when you are young,When there is the opportunity to compete。

Second:70% People regret - a young man wrongly chosen profession。

Error not choose what kind of job but rather chose to stable。

There are three university students while public authorities to work。
A few years later a director unwilling to see his face every day live,Changing work environment to Sirenqiye。
The other two did not tempted,The original location is still work to stay in。

Then, after a few years,Another quit the sea。The remaining one has not tempted。

Another trio together for a few years,To the corporate giant that became a director,That became a rich man to resign,
And stay in this public authority,But regret not to meet payroll to eat thousands of dollars per month。

Many "first goal" is to have a steady income。Could get a monthly wage、Time can lead to welfare。

No pressure there will be no power,No power will not explore potential。

Not the world of horses too,But his own buried。

Third place:62% People regret - inadequate or inappropriate for their children's education methods。

Junior high school daughter came back from school at night,Mahjong on the battle being impatient parents of a wave
"Chiqu own instant noodles!"

Changing Yuichi 對夫 wife,Carrying a shoe in the house, he was unwilling to go after the person's son in elementary school,
Screams the neighbors whom has made it uneasy。

And these parents were not regret,Even think I was doing "quite right."。

Until years later,Find their own pattern、Experience and methods,Did not make the children taught and benefit,
They will regret it, "lack of education" or "improper"。

fourth place:57% People regret - not cherish their partner。

醉過 how Chisakeko,Loved party knowingly weight。

Feelings of the things I discovered is always lost treasure。

Young couples to accompany,A young man can not endure,Before it is too old to have been too late。

the fifth place:49% People regret - lack of physical exercise。

60 years old or Before you do so for only 體換 all,60After year-old would like to use a switch body。

World there is nothing more valuable than good health!

Finally, only 11% of people regret - not earn more money。

Do not make a lot of money for young and middle-aged people who,This may be a good consolation。

While money can do a lot of things,But money is clearly not the most important purpose in life。

A young man regret could be improved;Old age regret,Would like to remedy too late。

And so,Each of us should always look back I walked down the road to ask ourselves:"What do I most regret? "

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