Trade show

Today, and Edie、WTO to look at the auto show with Niang,Originally intended to take a bus to go,Later, riding a motorcycle past。It took 250 Ocean Tickets,Really a lot of miles! In fact, you can print coupons from the Internet (off 50 yuan),Good Sibu Si printer is broken,At the moment……All friends and family than not that no printer,Finally, reluctantly forced to spend the 150 yuan it!

Been computer show all three WTO,And also when you are going Vocational,This is the first time visiting the Auto Show,Rather strange that the exhibition did not even TOYOTA。Recently in the popular SUV,Therefore, more than half of the exhibition vehicles are SUVs,We want to see the general car is not much。Later saw a Mitsubishi LANCER TEMPO,We all feel good,Maid had once wanted to buy impulse,But in the end or not to buy,Because we substandard advice for parking,My dad advocate Car bits,So you have a new car by the wind and sun and rain,Plus current seats likely to be A to,And my mom insisted to account for the total parking spaces,So people almost do not want to EMU;And of course, is money Arang primary consideration,Car takes a bit more than 40 months,He spent not go,He insisted parked downstairs like。Finally Dad also said that in no hurry anyway,Then look and see the New Year,So then returned Hello ~

My idea is if it wants to spend big money,Would make things planned,Do Province Western Province,If you really want to province,So do not buy Hello! Because this is the most Province,After all, the family simply open the car less than a few times a month,Feeling wanted to buy parking spaces accounted for,So before I advocate first for the house and back to the car,After all, the car is also quite unnecessary overhead amazing,If you spend a bunch of money,Actually it is only occasionally in use,It really is quite wasteful。

Ready to receive fake,Suddenly thought…..Have dinner tomorrow bureau,I have to when the Waiter…..該死,But also back Dishes、Store name,Do what ah!

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