[Reading] Wen Si Xiu Zen Collection

Author:Chen Yujun
Press:Baowu Fellowship
Publishing Day:-
Individual competitions:★★★★
Ebook link:Readmoo

   I liked to watch the story of Zen koan before,I accidentally turned to this book this time,Let me satisfy a lot of addictions。

   Each short story in this book is divided into original text、Vernacular and the author's opinion,The original text and the vernacular can bring a lot of fun,The author's opinion can be understood according to personal habits。


People cross the river by boat,Is a natural way to cross the river,As for assassinating the underwater snails,It's unintentional fault,So not guilty。And forcibly divide the guilty and innocent you,Ignorant of cause and effect,Compulsory provocation,Is the real guilty。

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