[Reading] TCM nurses kindly

Author:Shen Yiying
Press:Bulk culture
Publishing Day:2016/01/22
Individual competitions:★★★★★
Ebook link:Blog come

   started last year,The incidence of heartbeat or palpitations has increased significantly,Mainly due to excessive exercise and stress,In addition to seeing a doctor,I also tried to find books about Chinese medicine and heart care on the Internet,Hope to have a better understanding of the heart。

   The book is easy to read,Dr. Shen used many vernacular ways to let readers understand the difficult and difficult knowledge of Chinese medicine,And don't forget the humor,Between the lines, I can also feel that Dr. Shen sincerely hopes that the public can better understand and care for themselves.。

A governor 來說,This is a good book worth recommending,I hope everyone can have a deeper understanding of their bodies。

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