"Reading" Secret Code of Cabalion

Author:Three hermits
Press:Persimmon Cultural Business Co., Ltd.
Publishing Day:2018/03/12
Individual competitions:★★★★
Ebook link:Readmoo

   have been exposed to some quantum hypnosis information before,So when reading this book,There is often a kind of agreement with this general direction,But the explanation part seems a bit biased,So it’s a bit hard to read。But from about the middle of the book,The frequency of such thoughts has dropped a lot,Some information acquisition and brainstorming began to appear,So in general,Still recommend this book。



Apply knowledge of the law of energy vibration to mental phenomena,One can adjust his mind to any degree he wants,Take this to perfectly control his mental state and mood, etc.;

Thought、mood、reason、Will or desire,Or all manifestations of any state of mind,Are accompanied by energy vibration,And part of the energy vibration radiates,Affected the minds of others in a "inducing" way,This is the phenomenon of creating "telepathy"

In this example,Emit light on "objects"、The stage of heat and so on,Objects don’t really "become" those forms of energy (the energy levels are much higher),But it has reached a certain degree of vibration,So that those energies are not confined to molecules、Liberated in the form of atoms and particles。These forms of energy are bound and confined in the combination of matter,Although their level is much higher than material,But due to the need to show through matter and use the form of matter,So it is involved and restricted in the material form at the time of creation。

Opposing things are essentially the same,It's just different in degree;


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