PO text from the last time,It took another two weeks,Sometimes I feel the time off so fast,Sometimes they feel how ever so slowly…..

Lately,School brother is still some conditions occur,But it can feel to have in progress (should it..)。Recent status,They are considered very flexible;Once in slope,Did not get off the brake handle,Results car…..Fortunately, after the seniors were immediately see (ah…Seniors who have been scared),Another one of his negligence,Almost committed a very serious mistake,Words occur,I also have a joint responsibility,I think the ban fake is captive,Fortunately, it was a very much better with my seniors to block down,He later told me I did not know,When the moment is really listening gasped,Later, with the school brother also illustrate the seriousness of the matter,And to thank him with seniors,Otherwise, he did not know what happened Mile…

Before things,I deal with bad,So the mood has been very low weak。After this period of precipitation,Reviewing his own question,Figured a little,And things have also improved a little!

Bored a few weeks - can finally breath properly,Sense of relief - nice!

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