A dazzling that four months have passed,Time the bureau has also been over half a year,These days life be quite comfortable,It will not come to air their grievances。

In the days of the bureau had significantly faster than before new training,Unconsciously also to the middle class threshold,Some seniors to be good,Also has entered the countdown to the day;The school brother - also gradually began to rise…

The last two weeks,And somewhat depressed。Recently fill up a school brother,On the job situation again and again,He has been teaching、help him,But to improve the situation is still limited。When the bureau had arrived,To say later on school brother a little better,Do not let the younger brother of former schoolmates system concept so heavy,So for school brother,Is always Haoshenghaoqi even half-jokingly in a tape,But the resulting effect is really bad,Together with ladders could not stand,And on behalf of my brother lessons learned。There are a lot of people have told me,Let school brother really is not suitable for other positions swapping,Otherwise, just kill him,Rather than help him。There are two reasons I never did he replace the,First, he had told me he liked this post now,Second, in addition to his duties on foreign issues,Other performance was rated as excellent,Therefore, he could not bear to replace lost。Know that they should not be soft-hearted,But still no way to change。And reluctant to criticize,Reluctant to change their own fate is out of exhaustion。Learning brother can understand my intentions I do not know,But my patience had almost been polished,Whenever I think of the original decision but a "good brother want to learn.",It had to hide irritable mood,I…..Really tired

In addition to school brother thing,In the weeks before met a special thing,Is a good thing or a bad thing?I do not know,Just know that the process will be very bad day it wants。Both Zhou Xinsi almost all spent on this matter,But gradually found,过多 的 期待,Just make yourself more tired of it,Haste makes waste,Can do right now,In addition, "etc.",I do not know what else to do anything…..,But if we can have good results,I think - I would be willing to wait

When feeling down,Listen to lyrical music special feeling,Especially for lyrics mood。Oh ~ do not know when to get out of this dreary atmosphere it ~

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  1. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

  2. starsheep Says |

    Oh! I thought here turned into ruins
    Things will always get better
    Wait and see it
    About six months and then going back five, right
    You probably have not retired when I graduated OTZ

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