Tsai Ing-wen:Young people have to train interdisciplinary Shengcunnengli

This is a lecture at the National Cheng Kung University's Tsai,Great content,Slowly ponder each sentence,Think about it,Fiji will benefit from shallow!

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Vice Premier Tsai Ing-wen warmly welcomed by students at National Cheng Kung University campus。
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Tsai Ing-wen :Young people have to train interdisciplinary Shengcunnengli

Author:2006.12.20 editorial department / Section 362

"Compared to us,You are happy,Because your teachers are trained in first-class training,"But,"I do not want another one young life,Because I quite sympathize with you,Your future is very bumpy,"Vice President of the Executive Yuan Tsai,In the December 1 "World Magazine" was held at National Cheng Kung University "strength,Is the future "Campus Forum,In front of a full house of students say。In science and technology is so advanced today,When access to information for everyone is both simple and quick,So where is the basis of competition for young people in? Which university should give students the necessary survival training? Tsai Ing-wen sincerely share her study course:



 在我們那個年代的台大,尤其是法律系,有德國教育出來的老師,有受日本教育的老師,也有美國回來的老師,Everyone has a different background。Their background、way of expression、Logic is not the same。In this educational environment,I have always felt that a student is a very painful thing。

 我記得,畢業前最後一科考試後,有一個同學從後面趕上我,說「蔡英文,My revenge today。"I asked him why? He says, "I usually did not understand the teacher's,Today I read the papers he。"This sentence,Really Road to make us four years of college。

 回想大學四年教了我什麼?我都不太記得,但是我的老師們至少教了我一件事情,那就是當你不懂的時候,To how to survive。

 相較於我們,You are happy,Because your teachers are trained in first-class training,他們的思考比較有系統,Education system also。可是,I found you young people are losing a must Shengcunnengli。You have no way in a complex logical network inside,To clarify one thing with the handle。

 外面很多事情,The school can not learn。The outside world becomes quickly,你今天四年所學到的東西,很可能當你畢業時,It has become obsolete。

 我常常問我自己說,到底想不想再過一次大學生活?跟各位很坦白的說,I do not want another life to live as the。

 我記得小時候念書,Often do not understand what they say,。Later I found out,在學習過程中,每個人領受的能力,Like the same antenna。You are not necessarily the same frequency with the frequency of teacher。You often do not understand,Therefore, it is necessary to adjust。The most valuable learning process,是那個調整的過程,Not you remember what the teacher tells you。

 當年念法律系,會發現每一個問題的解決辦法,一定有甲說,乙說,跟丙說,Ding said that even to。But in reality,只有三說,Is certainly say、Denial、After a reconciliation with the doctrine。

 其實在人生裡,Said many issues are compromised。妥協,不是犧牲原則。Many people compromise in principle be equated with sacrifice。If you are, then this attitude,那你的日子會很痛苦,而且呢,You have no way to resolve the matter。Because as long as people,思想一定會不一樣,There will be conflict。at this time,It is necessary to go through the process of coordination。

 我們以前去談判時,有些年輕代表為了表示他是意志堅定的,一開場就說「這是無法妥協的!」我會跟他講說「那你今天來幹嘛?」如果問題要解決,You have to compromise。

 我不願意再過一次年輕人的生活,Because I quite sympathize with you,Your future is very bumpy。Because now the technology is well developed。

 這個世界好像沒有去不到的地方,Or the reach of stuff。What seems to be able to help you solve by computer。Then after that? After your days will be very sad。When access to information for everyone is simple、Timely、And is rapid,那你的競爭基礎在哪裡?

 我在康乃爾大學念書的時候,Often to the library stacks where to find precedents。Find the moment,你會有種虛榮感,因為你跟這麼多書本在一起,And you can deal with these books of knowledge。

 可是今天,你只需要進到資料庫,輸入關鍵字,電腦就可以幫你做到了,Comments that even it can help you find out。What can you compete with others that do? Just know how to get information,是不夠的,These have been a basic condition。

 你們這個世代比我們這個世代辛苦,如果你要面對競爭,Some are basic conditions。

 第一,你必須能夠「運作」,But in the context of cross-border operations in。

 將來你會發現,你所工作的環境,無論是坐在家裡也好,或是在辦公室,你的情境,其實已經是跨越國界了,Sometimes it is beyond time and space。You have to make yourself different cultures、Interactions in different situations,Can freely。

 當你跟一個英國人講話時,Your use his cultural perspective、His grammar,Talking to him。When you talk to Americans,His tone、His logic to talk。

 我曾經在兩個星期裡飛完世界一周後,空中小姐問我要吃什麼,我想了半天,跟她要兩種東西,一個叫可口可樂,Another is called instant noodles。

 今天我們腦袋裡,已經是有東方,There is also something the West。對,We have grown in a mixed environment。But the most important thing is,不能喪失你的歸屬感,因為要有歸屬感,You can freely walk around the world。

 第二,What you want is the ability to do? I write here is "cross-cutting"。This is our most important university reform direction,If university education must be interdisciplinary。

 在上一個世紀,Probably three、 Four generations,Even a hundred years of family do the same work。But the graduates,你大學四年念完以後,很有可能第一個挫折就會出現,Because you can not find work。

 為什麼找不到工作?因為你的訓練,跟社會的需求,Has been out of touch。Once you work for a while,你可能又要失業,因為現在做的工作,已經沒有了,You have to want to change a lot of work。

 我們的教育出了什麼問題?我們是不是在教育中,給學生太多面對社會所不需要的知識?我們給知識,And did not give him the necessary survival training。

 我們需要不同領域的訓練,不需要每個領域都深入,But each of these areas to be involved in strategy。And these have the ability to organize their own knowledge,Put it into their own absorption、analysis、Systems thinking。

 我記得在美國念法律時,老師每天進來教室,To say that we discussed six case today。"Certain students,你告訴我們這些判例在講什麼?」然後他會繼續問,問到答不下去,就換另外一個人答,問到所有的人都答不下去時,The class was over。

 老師從來沒有給過我們答案,每次下課後,我都會問旁邊的同學說「那答案是什麼呢?」你要自己去找答案,To save himself out。

 第三,What you need is "communication skills"。The most important is communication modern,why? Because too well developed communications technology。

 在老的時代裡,你寫信,From a letter written、Sent to,然後對方再回信,可能要好幾天,Or several years。But today,上網就好了,每次都是立即發生的,Immediately asked、A soon。

 換句話說,你必須在很短的時間裡,很精確的掌握你的語言,Master the situation。More importantly, the,很精確地掌握對方的心情,And his thoughts。

 一個會溝通的人,Not every day people speak。Those people are usually relatively quiet,才是會溝通的人,因為他知道怎麼觀察你,知道你心裡在想什麼,Know how to answer your most effective。Communication test is your empathy、The ability to feel,And your ability to express yourself。

 那麼,要怎麼做一個有同理心的人呢?最重要的是,要了解人性。Whether you do the software or hardware design future,Or a doctor、advertising、Marketing, etc.。most important,最重要的一件事,Is the object of your mind thinking about what services。

 所以各位同學,文學作品還是要看,我也不反對你們看韓劇,無論哪一種都可以看,因為它代表的是不同的感受,Different ways of expression。把自己放到他的情境裡面,當你在他的情境裡面,你會怎麼樣做反應?你的感受是什麼?

 最後,這裡我加了一個字,Called "warm"。If you are not enthusiastic,You may lose the power to go any further in the future。


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